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Right Machinery Company is a fertilizer equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. This fertilizer machine from our company is environmental friendly and of high quality.
Our potassium sulfate fertilizer equipment has an annual output ranging from 10kt to 200kt.

1.The main components of our potassium sulfate fertilizer machine are all made of special materials which are corrosion resistant and durable. Therefore, our fertilizer equipment has longer service life when compared with similar products.
2.Scientifically designed furnace hearth ensures this fertilizer equipment a higher usage of fuels.
3.Our potassium sulfate fertilizer equipment has a high drying efficiency as well as a novel structure.

Potassium Sulfate Fertilizer Equipment

10,000-100,000t/y Mannheim Process Potassium Sulfate Production Line

Mannheim process can heat potassium chloride and sulfuric acid under high temperature of 500℃-550℃ to produce GB20406-2006 grade agricultural potassium sulfate and industrial hydrochloric acid (byproduct). These products manufactured by Mannheim process potassium sulfate production line are inspected by technical supervision bureau and have been proved to all relevant indicators (including K2O content, chlorion content, water content and physical properties) have reached or exceeded similar products in China or foreign countries. Industrial hydrochloric acid (byproduct) can be made into various products with its concentration lower than 31% based on customer requirements
1. Mannheim process uses a new kind of furnace upgraded from Mannheim furnace structure, and combines with other special equipment to manage to solve problems of corrosion-resistant materials faced under high temperature and acidic environment, as well as the problem of continuous feed production.
2. Compared with similar equipment in China and foreign countries, our Mannheim process potassium sulfate production line has advantages of less investment, short construction period of factory, high degree of automation, stable operation, high thermal efficiency, high product yield, reliable quality and excellent environmental protection effect.
Materials used in Mannheim furnace can be divided into silicon carbide and alloy steel.

Potassium Sulfate Fertilizer Equipment

As a professional manufacturer of fertilizer equipment in China, Jiangsu Right Machinery Group Co., Ltd mainly provides fertilizer equipment, building and mining equipment, rolling functional units, shearing machine, press brake and plate rolling machine. Established in 1954, we have obtained certificates of ISO9001, ISO2000 and ABS. And with high-quality and reasonable price, our products have been popular in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, Bangladesh, Thailand, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, etc . If you are in need fertilizer equipment, please contact us freely.

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