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Features of the Straight Line Guide:
1.This straight line guide adopts strict process control. And its slide block is equipped with a retainer that can prevent the rolling elements from sliding, thus some slide blocks are interchangeable.
2.It is quite easy to lubricate this straight line guide. The lubricating nipple can be installed on the slide block horizontally or laterally, and grease can be regularly sprayed by the oil gun. Meanwhile, you can also connect the oil pipe by special oil pipe joint, and use an automatic oil feeding machine to provide oil.
3.Numerical control management is adopted thoroughly while producing the linear guide, so the human error is minimized and then its stable quality is guaranteed.
4.Preloading can be imposed on the linear guide so as to improve its rigidity.

Straight Line Guide

Straight Line Guide

5.The adoption of four-direction equivalent load design makes our straight line guide possible to bear the equivalent load from up and down, left and right.
6.Finite element analysis is adopted to optimize the design of raceway cross-section, thus a larger rated load and rigidity are achieved.
7.Features of this straight guide include high precision, long service life, high efficiency, low frictional resistance, high speed, little noise, and so on.

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