Description of Our HJN Type High-efficiency Separator:
Our HJN type high-efficiency separator is a kind of Fertilizer Equipment mainly used in cement industry, mining industry and so on.
This high-efficiency separator can efficiently separate good and bad quality cement that has crushed to powder in a finishing mill, and its separating efficiency is equivalent to that of two conventional separators.
Furthermore, this HJN type cement separator has features of compact structure and small volume, so it is quite easy to install.

Performance Features of Our HJN Type High-efficiency Separator:
1.This HJN type separator has a stable grading performance and a large handling capacity.



2.When equipped with special device, this separator can obtain a steep grading curve.
3.With conformity to the new cement standard, this cement separator can easily control the fineness and specific surface area of its products.
4.Equipped with modified cross-section rotor blade, this separator has a larger grading area. In this way, it has a higher grading efficiency and its production capacity is increased by more than 50%. Besides, its electricity consumption is largely lowered.
5.It is easy to adjust the rotating speed and convenient to select the grading point. Hence, this cement separator is quite suitable for grinding various cement materials.
6.Our high-efficiency separator can make use of a great deal of cooling air, thus the temperature of finished products is reduced.
7.It can also use the high-concentration waste gas in the system.

Parameters of the Separator:

Type of separator Cement output T/h Air content T/h Max. processing capacity T/h Main shaft rotating speed (r/min) Standby motors Standby speed-reducer Lubrication station Weight(exclusive of lubrication) Kg
Type Power(kw) Rated rotating speed (r/min) Type Speed ratio
HJN-250 9-18 250 37.5 250-550 YCTL250-4B 22 132-1320 Belt Drive   XYZ-6 3100
HJN-500 18-35 500 75 265-320 YCTL315-4B 45 132-1320 HWX50 4.05 XYZ-10 6680
750 27-45 750 112.5 180-330 YCTL355-4A 55 440-1320 SD-100T 4.06 XYZ-10 9529
1000 36-60 1000 150 250-285 YCTL350-4B 75 440-1320 SD-100 4.63 XYZ-16 12400
1500 54-90 1500 225 185-240 YCTL355-4C 90 600-1320 JK200B 6.25 XYZ-16 15000
2000 72-120 2000 300 165-210 Z4-225-11 110 1500 NLX-200 7.14 XYZ-25 19400
2500 90-150 2500 375 145-190 Z4-225-31 132 1500 NLX-250 7.89 XYZ-25 24400
3000 108-180 3000 450 135-170 Z4-250-12 160 1500 NLX-300 8.82 XYZ-25 27600
3500 126-210 3500 525 80-175 Z4-250-41 220 1500 JK250-B 7.69 XYZ-40 38500
4000 144-240 4000 600 75-166 Z4-280-11 250 1500 JK320-B 8.55 XYZ-40 42100
4500 162-270 4500 675 70-156 Z4-280-21 280 1500 JK360-B 8.87 XYZ-63 55200
5000 180-300 5000 750 65-147 Z4-280-32 315 1500 JK360-B 10.1 XYZ-63 67963

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