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Description of the Rotary Coating Machine:
This rotary coating machine is a kind of equipment that can be used to evenly cover a layer of protection film onto the surfaces of fertilizer particles.
The main components of this coating machine include screw conveyor, mixing tank, oil pump and mainframe, etc.
This rotary coating machine can be operated together with other fertilizer equipment as well as used individually.

Features of the Rotary Coating Machine:
1.The adoption of powder spraying technology or liquid coating technology has made this coating machine helpful to prevent compound fertilizers from clotting.

Rotary Coating Machine

Rotary Coating Machine

2.Its mainframe adopts polypropylene lining or acid-resistant stainless steel lining plate.
3.According to special technological requirements, this rotary coating machine is designed with a special inner structure, so it is an effective and special equipment for compound fertilizers

Parameters of the Rotary Coating Machine:

Specification Shell Production Capacity (t/h) Reducer Motor
I.D.(mm) Length (mm) Slope° Rev.(r/min)   Ratio Power (kw)
Ø1.2×3.5 1200 3500 2.8 18.07 ≤5 12.5 7.5
Ø1.4×4 1400 4000 2.8 15.05 ≤8 20.49 11
Ø1.6×6 1600 6000 2.8 12 ≤10 12.64 15
Ø1.8×6 1800 6000 2.8 11.5 ≤17 10.35 15
Ø2.0×7 2000 7000 2.8 10.8 ≤28 10.35 30
Ø2.2×7 2200 7000 2.5 10.85 ≤38 12.64 37
Ø2.4×8 2400 8000 2.5 9.17 ≤45 14 55
Ø2.8×10 2800 10000 2 8.35 ≤60 14  

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