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Description of Complex Mixed Fertilizer Processing Plant:
This tower mixed fertilizer plant adopts advanced fertilizer granulation technology.

Working Principles of Complex Mixed Fertilizer Processing Plant:
First, at the tower top of this fertilizer machine, raw materials, such as urea, ammonium phosphate, and potassium sulfate are melted, and then those melted materials will be mixed together in a special mixer.
Second, the mixed materials directly go into a drip-forming machine, and this also happens at the top end of the fertilizer equipment.
Third, drips are cooled and then solidified while they fall through the rising air current.
Finally, the obtained fertilizer particles are gathered at the bottom of the tower, and after further cooled by coolers and screening, qualified fertilizer will be obtained.

Complex Mixed Fertilizer Processing Plant

Complex Mixed Fertilizer Processing Plant

Features of Complex Mixed Fertilizer Processing Plant:
1. This tower mixed fertilizer plant has removed the traditional drying system, which can consume a great deal of energy. So our tower mixed fertilizer plant is energy saving.
2. The heat, produced by urea melting, is fully used. With low water content, the produced material has no need to be dried, thus energy consumption is achieved.
3. This tower mixed fertilizer plant can use urine directly, so it offers more convenience for manufacturers.
4. This fertilizer plant has a high granulating rate and almost no return products during the production process.
5. Produced fertilizer particles are round and smooth. With low water content less than 1%, those particles are difficult to agglomerate. And their compressive strength is higher than 30N.
6. This fertilizer plant enjoys a good operation environment, and there is no waste gas, waste water, or industrial residues discharged.

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