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10,000-200,000t/y Humic Acid Process & Equipment Sets

Humic acid process uses chemical method to extract humus from weathered coal or lignite, so it can be used as raw material of high-end organic fertilizers.

Our humic acid equipment sets use alkali solubilization and acid precipitation process (namely alkaline lysis) to produce humic acid. The detailed process is as follows: weathered coal or lignite will be pulverized before mixing and reacting with a certain amount of potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide solution, then liquid suspensions of humic acid will be generated. After that, use a centrifuge or natural precipitation method to separate slag and clear liquid. Slags can be continuously used as raw materials of organic fertilizer, while clear liquid will form humic acid after acid precipitation, concentration and spray drying.

Product Highlights
Humic acid produced by alkaline lysis method enjoys high content of organic matter, the aromatic ring of molecules, hydroxyl on the aliphatic chain and dissociate hydrogen ions in hydroxyl make humus have acidity and exchange capacity, thus making it possible to chelate with various organic matters and inorganic matters.

10,000-200,000t/y Humic Acid Process & Equipment Sets

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