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Scraper conveyor, a type of flight conveyor, is a continuous conveying equipment that conveys powders, small granules and small pieces of materials through the moving scraper chain in a closed rectangular casing. As the scraper chain is completely submerged in the materials, so it’s also called “submerged scraper conveyor”.

General submerged scraper conveyor has the following requirements for conveying materials:
1. Material density: γ=0.2~1.8t/m3;
2. Material temperature: t<100℃;
3. Moisture content: for general materials, they should be easy to loosen if kneaded by hand; for materials that will increase adhesiveness if moisture content increases, they can’t seriously adhere to the scraper;
4. Granularity: granularity of material is related to its hardness. Materials with large granularity are not suitable for conveying.

Belt Conveyor

Main Technical Parameter

Model MS25 MS32 MS40 MS60
Shell Width (mm) 250 320 400 600
Shell Height (mm) 250 320 360 400
Conveying Capacity (m3/h) 5 8 12 20
Speed of Scraper Chain (m/s) 0.16 23 to 27 ---- ----
0.20 29 to 34 48 to 55 67 to 78
0.25 37 to 42 60 to 69 84 to 97
0.32 47 to 54 77 to 88 108 to 124
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