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Description of the Urea Granulation Process Equipment:
This urea granulation process equipment, also known as urea granulator, is a kind of new machine that is jointly developed by our company and scientific research institutes.
This equipment takes melted urea as the main nitrogen source. During the granulation process of fertilizer production, melted urea is mixed with raw solid materials by coating onto those materials. In fact, melted urea plays several roles during fertilizer production. Firstly, it functions as a kind of raw material. Secondly, it acts as a liquid to join in granulating process. Finally, it can produce heat to make balling and drying process easy.
Its annual output ranges from 30kt to 200kt.
The main component of our urea granulation process equipment is a spray granulation dryer.
Besides, we also provide upgrade services for old compound fertilizer equipment.

Urea Granulation Process Equipment

HLR1-HLR3 Urea Molten Device

This urea molten device can quickly turn granular urea into liquid molten urea without mixing operation and adding water. Its quick running can basically reduce the formation of biuret. Besides, the liquid molten urea can be batched into the granulating system through a specific equipment to achieve spraying granulation of liquid urea. The granulating system only adds heat not moisture, this can reduce drying efforts and improve the capacity of the whole production line. All core parts for the main and auxiliary equipment of this urea molten device are manufactured from stainless steel to increase its corrosion resistance and service life.
This urea molten device is used in the urine-base compound fertilizer and granulation production line for quickly melting urea and batching the urea into the production line.

Main Technical Parameter

Model HLR1 HLR2 HLR3
Capacity (t/h) 2.5-3 4-6 8-10
Steam Consumption (kg/h) 500 1100 2100
Steam Pressure (MPa) 0.6
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1070 × 910 × 2230 1480 × 1590 × 3220 1400 × 1510 × 3400

HCR1-HCR5 Melting tank

This melting tank is designed with pipe and agitating apparatus. It has advantages of good stability, convenient operation, etc. We have upgraded many times to improve temperature and flow control, and make it reach industrial-leading level in respects of reliability and stability.
Steam heating and heat conduction oil heating are available.
This melting tank is applied to melt ammonium nitrate in nitro-base compound fertilizer and urea in nitrogen-rich compound fertilizer.
Main Technical Parameter
Size (m3) 1 3 5 8 10
Capacity (t/h) 0.9 to 1.0 1.6 to 2.5 3 to 4 5 to 6 7 to 9
Required Water (%) 3 to 10
Pressure (MPa) 0.6
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1200 × 1130 × 2600 2250 × 1750 × 3130 2800 × 2300 × 3900 3300 × 2600 × 4200 3500 × 2800 × 4300

Urea Granulation Process Equipment

As a professional manufacturer of urea granulation process equipment in China, we still have many other products, such as bulk blending fertilizer equipment, some other various fertilizer equipments, building and mining equipment, rolling functional units, shearing machine, press brake, plate rolling machine, rotary drum granulator, etc. With certificates of ISO9001, ISO2000 and ABS, and OEM service, our products have been well received by customers in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, Bangladesh, Thailand, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, etc. If you are interested in our urea granulation process equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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