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This fertilizer packaging machine is a kind of fertilizer equipment mainly used to pack various fertilizers, such as urea, compound fertilizer, and bulk blending fertilizer, etc.
Apart from packing fertilizers, it can also protect them from damage and make them convenient to transport.
It can be used independently as well as together with other fertilizer equipment.

1.This fertilizer packaging machine can be used to pack various materials, such as liquid material, bulk materials, lump materials, granular materials, food, chemical materials, and so on.

Fertilizer Packaging Machine

Fertilizer Packaging Machine

2.It can be equipped with single packing scale, double packing scales or three packing scales.
3.This fertilizer packaging machine features high quality, reliable performance, high efficiency, long service life, high weighing precision, easy operation, energy conservation and so on.

Parameters :

Specifications Speed Pack/H Measure Scope Kg/pack Precision Consumption of Electricity kw/h Air Consumption nl/min
Single packing scale 400-600 20-50 ±1/500-±1/1000 0.7 80
Double packing scales 600-1200 20-50 ±1/500-±1/1000 1 120
Three packing scales 1200-1800 20-50 ±1/500-±1/1000 1.3 160

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