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Description of SSP Fertilizer Granulation Plant, TSP Fertilizer Granulation Plant:
The main production process of the superphosphate is as follows:
1.Mixing sulfuric acid with ground phosphate rock.
2.Forming the slurry in the formation room.
3.Curing the superphosphate in the warehouse.
4.Recycling waste gas containing fluorine.
5.Drying and granulating
Diagram 1 is the process flow of the superphosphate production.

Detailed Information of SSP Fertilizer Granulation Plant, TSP Fertilizer Granulation Plant:
1.During the curing period, continuous turning is needed so that water can be further evaporated and the temperature of materials can be reduced. As a result of that, the reaction of the second stage is ensured and the physical properties of products are largely improved. Generally, the curing period ranges from 3 to 15 days. Since the cured supperphosphate may still contains some free phosphoric acid (5.5%-8%P2O5), which can make it difficult to transport, store, and fertilizer, the free phosphoric acid should be neutralized before leaving factory.

SSP Fertilizer Granulation Plant, TSP Fertilizer Granulation Plant

2.There are two ways to neutralize the free phosphoric acid. First way is to add some substances, which can quickly react with the phosphoric acid in the superphosphate. And those substances can be chalk, bone meal, ground phosphate rock, and so on. The second way is to deal with the superphosphate with ammonia gas or amine salt. That is ammoniation. And the dosage of ammonia or amine salt should be strictly controlled.
3.The physical properties of the neutralized superphosphate are greatly improved, and its hygroscopicity and caking capacity are largely reduced. The aminated superphosphate contains more nitrogen, thus its fertilizer efficiency is improved. The neutralized superphosphate can be granulated and after drying, the granular superphosphate can be obtained.
4.The waste gas, which contains fluorine, can be washed and absorbed by water in the fluorine absorption tower. Then fluosilicic acid is obtained. And the fluosilicic acid can be further made into sodium fluosolicate, sodium fluoride, aluminum fluoride and some other secondary products, which can be used in many industrial fields, such as chemical industry, medicine field, metallurgy industry, enamel field, building material field, etc.

Diagram 1: The process flow diagram of superphosphate production
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