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What are your technical advantages?
About our fertilizer and building material equipments:
1.Our fertilizer equipment is highly automated. It employs automatic dosing mode and all the technical indexes of moisture, temperature, and air pressure are automatically controlled. The packing process is also automatic.
2.All of our fertilizer and building equipments are rationally and scientifically designed. With abiding by the highest national industrial standards and production experience of over 30 years, we can design every production line according to specific requirements of our customers.
3.All of our products are highly reliable and easy to control. And they have features of high quality, high durability, convenient maintenance, low operation cost, etc.
4.All of our products have met international environmental production standards and have no dust emission.

About our rolling functional units:
1.We have various specification and high-level rolling functional units. We have two large production lines for rolling functional units. With features of energy conservation, high precision, and super length, our products are applicable to various production designs.
2.Our research, development and design capacity is very strong. In our company, there is city-level rolling functional unit research center, and detection center. The chief technical engineer of our company is a draftman for national industrial standards. Meanwhile, we also cooperate with many famous universities in China to research and develop new products.
3.All of our rolling functional units are of high quality and of high precision. We own 56 precision units in our company, and our precision degree of the numerical control is in the leading level in China. Our independently designed super-long screw rods are the longest in China and its diameter is also largest in China.

How do you reduce the production costs?
1.Our production system strictly follows the ISO9001 quality management standards, and we have fixed every production process, and carefully allocated physical resources and labor power in order to optimize the utilization of our resources.
2.All of our large-scale equipment features automatic control, energy saving, and high efficiency.
3.Most of components are manufactured by ourselves, and only a small portion of components from nearby factories. By largely reducing the processing work of those outsourced components, our successful production process is ensured.
4.We have an easy access to water transportation and railway transportation, which largely reduces various costs for both customers and us.

How do you control the quality of your products and materials?
1.Based on the national standards and requirements of production process, we have made our own quality standards and also strictly adhere to our standards. All the processes are strictly controlled by the quality control department.
2.All of our steel materials are high-quality, and after purchased, those steel materials will be thoroughly checked by our quality control department before putting into use. In this way, high quality of our products is guaranteed from the very beginning.
3.Equipped with dust removing apparatus and washing devices, our products have no waste emission. So our products cause no pollution and are quite environmental friendly.
4.We have obtained certificates of ISO9001, ISO2000 and ABS.

What are your comparative advantages?
About our fertilizer and building material products:
1.All of our products are of high standard. We can offer total package projects of complete production lines, whose output can be 500,000. And our granulator has a diameter of 4.5 meter, which is in the leading level of China.
2.Our products have sophisticated technology and can accurately make use of materials. And our products have features of rational structure, sophisticated welding technology, high load-bearing capacity, and high durability.
About our functional units:
1.Our functional units are complete in specifications.
2.With strong design ability, we can specially design different functional units according to specific demands of our customers.
3.Our equipment is of high quality. The adoption of patented technology has made it possible for us to do clamping at one stroke, and there is no need to splice, or turn around. This equipment has a stable performance.

What are the common problems of your similar products? How do you overcome them?
Generally, there are screening and crushing problems in our similar products. It is easy for them to get stuck, and they always have a low crushing efficiency. And we have taken several measures to solve those problems. For example, we have changed the combination way of the chains of crushing machine in order to improve the crushing efficiency. And a shaking device is equipped in the screening device to prevent the sieving pore from blocking.

How long is your delivery time?
Generally speaking, the delivery time for compound fertilizer equipment, and building and mining equipment is 3-4 months; the delivery time for rolling functional units is 30-60 days, and the delivery time for shearing machines, press brakes and plate rolling machines is about 60 days after the receipt of your order.

What kind of after-sale service and technical supports do you provide?
Our company offers installation and debugging service, training operators for our customers, repairing or replacing accessory parts, and OEM service. Our after-sale service personnel are always ready to solve any technical problems you may meet with when using any of our products. Besides, all of our products come with a set of wearing parts and a one year warranty.

What Is Your Future Development Plan?
1. We will continue insisting on the international producing and marketing strategy, which is market-oriented. Based on the specific demands of the market and our customers, we scheme out how to better research, develop and design our products. With rich experience in international trade and convenient network, we aim at keeping and developing alliance relationship between middlemen, agents and us in producing and marketing strategy. And we will continue making full use of the enormous marketing network and transnational trade experience to further enlarge the marketing channels and improve the market share.
As we pay much attention to the domestic market, we also try to expand our market abroad by researching high value-added products. By this way, we will have larger development space both at home and abroad in the near future.
2. We persist in holding on the strategy of continuous product innovation. We will keep on researching and developing high-tech and high value-added products. As a result of that, we will pay more attention to new technology, new technique, and new materials.
3. We continue attaching more attention to the core competence of our company. As we know, the core competence of a corporation is the foundation for the existence and development of a corporation, and it is the most important representation of the competitiveness and competitive advantage for a company. And our core competence is mainly as follows:
Core products: We have carried out the industrialization processing system to make our product unmatched by other similar products in output, quality, performance, technology, content and cost.
Core technology: We have continuously improved and perfected out specialized and large-scale production processing system so that we can possess high-level production processing technology to produce high-quality products. Furthermore, we also insist in innovating new products and improve products ceaseless so that we can have potential advantages that other manufacturers cannot imitate.
Core culture: Our core value system is: people as the first, culture as the carrier, and optimizing management as the aim. Meanwhile, we insist in strengthening our cohesive power, centripetal power, and sense of team work in our company. By combining our economic benefit pursuit with social benefits, we have won a good reputation among our customers both at home and abroad.

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