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Double-axle mixer is applicable to continuous and even compound fertilizer production line. It adopts horizontal double-axle structure, and the mixing paddles on both axles can run reversely and synchronously from different angles, making this mixer able to mix as well as convey materials. This double shaft mixer also has advantages of stable running, convenient operation, etc.
And this crusher can be used individually as well as in combination with other fertilizer equipment.

Our compound fertilizer mixer is extensively used in organic and inorganic compound fertilizer industry for mixing materials.

Jaw Crusher

Main Technical Parameter

Model HSJ50 HSJ60
Dia. of Rotor (mm) Φ500 Φ600
Capacity (t/h) 8 to 22 25 to 35
Motor Power (kW) 7.5 to 15 15 to 30
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 5100 × 1360 × 860 5600 × 1800 × 1150

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