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50,000-500,000t/y Slow- and Controlled-Release Fertilizer Production Process & Equipment Sets

Slow- and controlled-release fertilizer refers to a new type of fertilizer containing a plant nutrient in a form which delays or extends its availability for plant uptake. It mainly includes slow release fertilizer and controlled release fertilizer.
We offer four types of production processes for this kind of fertilizer:
1. Wrapped slow- and controlled-release fertilizer production process (physical method).
2. Coated slow- and controlled-release fertilizer production process (physical method).
3. Production process of slow-release fertilizer with urease and nitrification inhibitors (biological method).
4. Urea-formaldehyde controlled release fertilizer production process (chemical method).

50,000-500,000t/y Ammoniation Fertilizer Granulation Equipment Sets

Production Process
1. Wrapped slow- and controlled-release fertilizer:
A. By using disc granulation method, and taking water soluble nitrogen (such as urea) as the core and inorganic plant nutrients (such as magnesium ammonium phosphate) with different solubility as the wrapping layer, all ingredients of the wrapped fertilizer are plant nutrients which can be absorbed by plants without any residue pollution.

B. After mixing with a small amount of binder and trace elements, the humic acid will be used to wrap the urea granules. This will not only make the best of chemical biological effects of humic acid, including enhance effectiveness, promote anti-adversity, improve soil, suppress soil urease and nitrifying bacteria, but also effectively control the release and decomposition speed of urea.

2. Coated slow- and controlled-release fertilizer:
After melting sulphur, resin, polyethylene, paraffin wax and ground phosphate rock, coat them on the surface of urea granules or compound fertilizer granules. These coated substances will form a thin film on the surface of granules after cooling. The fertilizer will release nutrients when the thin film gradually decomposes.

3. Urea-formaldehyde controlled release fertilizer:
After melting the urea, making it react with formaldehyde to form polymer that is poorly soluble in water. Spray this polymer on the surface of other inorganic raw materials by using rotary drum granulator to make fertilizer granules. This fertilizer will gradually decompose and release nitrogen under chemical reaction or actions of microorganisms.

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