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Cement Processing Plant (Concrete Production Line):
Jiangsu Right Machinery Group Co., Ltd possesses a strong mechanical processing capacity of 300,000tons’ annual output, and we have rotary kilns less than 5m, and mining grinders. Besides, we also offer 2500t/d, 5000t/d, and 6000t/d new-type dry process rotary kiln cement processing plant (concrete production line) as well as its general engineering contracting services. Our products mainly consist of rotary kiln, industrial furnace, ball mill, rotary cooler, rotary dryer, tube mill, mining grinder, concrete grinders, slag grinder, raw material grinder, windswept coal grinder, rotary dryer, granulator, crusher, cooler, dust collector, humidifying tower, plate type feeder, bucket elevator, and rotary conveyor. We also provide various assorted electrical control systems.

Process Flow and Configuration of the Cement Processing Plant (Concrete Production Line):
1. Crushing, conveying, and storing limetones. The limetones are crushed by a MB 56/75 crusher, and then the crushed limetones are conveyed by the belt conveyor to the Φ80m round pre-homogenizing storage yard with a storage capacity of 34100t for pre-homogenizing and storage. Finally, the homogenized limetones will be sent to the dosing station by the belt conveyer.

Concrete Processing Plant

Cement Processing Plant (Concrete Production Line)

2. Storing, crushing, and conveying auxiliary materials. The sandstones and iron ores, both used as auxiliary materials, will be carried to our factory by car, and then they will be loaded in the outdoor storage yard. The sandstone storage yard has a specification of 60 m×20m and its storage capacity is about 5100t; the iron ore storage yard has a specification of 32 m×20m and its storage capacity is about 2730t. Both of the sandstones and iron ores will be crushed by a PC1609 hammer crusher whose crushing capacity is 50-70t/h. Later, the crushed sandstones and iron ores will be respectively sent to different dosing stations for storing. The coal ashes, as another kind of auxiliary material, will be sent by the self-unloading system to its dosing station for storage.
3. Dosing station. The dosing station has four different φ12 m×25m dosing silos respectively for limetones, sandstones, iron ores, and coal ashes, and their storage capacity are respectively 2200t, 1600t, 2200t, and 770t. Every storage house has a weigh feeder, which can feed various materials according to the preset proportions, and it can also help the belt conveyer to send raw materials into the grinding system.
4. Grinding raw materials and treating waste gases. Raw materials will be grinded by a MLS3626 vertical milling machine, and the heat source for drying comes from waste gases coming out of pre-heater. The waste gases, after treated by the electric dust collector, will be discharged into the atmosphere.
5. Raw material homogenizing silo. Qualified raw materials will enter into the Φ18m ×50m CP type homogenizing silo by the raw material distributor for homogenization in a multipoint way. After that, the material will be measured and then be sent to the preheating system at the kiln end by the bucket elevator.
6. Cement clinker burning system and the storage. The cement clinker burning system is mainly composed of linear five-stage pre-heater with low pressure loss, RF5/2500 type decomposition furnace with a decomposition rate more than 90%, and a new LBT32216 control flow cooler with the specification ofΦ4.0×60m. And all of those devices adopt the NCDRI technology.
7. Storing and conveying raw coal, and producing and conveying pulverized coal. The raw coal, after transported to our factory by car, will be sent to a special 21m×113m warehouse with a storage capacity of 9300t for storing and pre-homogenizing. There is a weigh feeder in this warehouse, and the measured raw coal will be send to coal mill by the belt conveyer for grinding.
The coal powder is produced by a MPF1713 disc coal mill. When the moisture in the mill is less than 10%, the moisture of coal powder is less than 1%, and the granularity of raw coal is less than 50mm, its systematic output is about 20t/h. Then the coal powder will enter into the powder classifier for further classifying, and the finished coal powder will be sent into dust collector for collecting by the air flow. After that, the finished coal powder will be sent into two coal bunkers by the rotary conveyer. The purified waste gases will be discharged into the atmosphere again. Finally, the measured pulverized coal will be sent to the kiln head and decomposition furnace for burning.
8. Drying and conveying slag, and crushing and conveying gypsums. The slag will be sent into the bucket elevator by the forklift truck, and then it will be sent by the elevator for drying in the dyer with a specification of φ2.4×18.350m. The drying capacity of the dryer is more than 30t/h.
The gypsums will be stored in the outdoor storage yard with a storage capacity of 4000t, and then they will be fed into PFC-1609 counterattack hammer crusher by the heavy plate feeder. When the feeding granularity is less than 600mm, and the discharging particle size is less than 25mm, the production capacity of the crusher is 50-70t/h. finally, the crushed gypsums will be sent to the gypsum dosing silo for storage.
9. Grinding, conveying, and storing cement. There are four different dosing silos in the dosing station respectively for the clinker, gypsums, and limetones. And the clinker silo has a specification of φ10 m×22m and a storage capacity of 2000t; the gypsum silo, slag silo, and the limestone silo has the same specification of φ8 m×22m, and their storage capacity is respectively 800t, 400t, and 900t. The cement grinding system has a production capacity of 75t/h when the specific surface area of the concrete is 3200-3400cm2/g. The finished cement will be sent by the air conveying chute and bucket elevator to eight cement silos, whose specification is φ15 m×34m and storage capacity is about 5300t. The packing capacity of the cement packer is 90t/h. Finally, the packed cement will be taken to a bagged cement storage, whose storage capacity is 6000t, and it can also be loaded for transportation.

Cement Processing Plant (Concrete Production Line) for Sale:
Established in 1954, we mainly provide building and mining equipment, such as cement processing plant (concrete production line), rotary kilns, pulse bag dust collector, cyclone dust collectors, windswept coal mills, ball mills, rotary dryers, separators, bucket lifters, steelyards, impact crushers and steelyard. And we have obtained certificates of ISO9001, ISO2000 and ABS. And with high quality and reasonable price, our products have been well received by customers in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, Bangladesh, Thailand, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, etc. if you need any of our cement processing plant (concrete production line), please contact us freely.

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