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50,000-500,000t/y Compound Fertilizer Tower Granulator

Our compound fertilizer tower granulator uses tower granulation production technology to produce new urea-based compound fertilizer with smooth particles as well as better strength and granularity. This compound fertilizer granulating equipment mixes urea molten liquid with powdery ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride or potassium sulfate, and spray these mixed materials down through the nozzle at the top of tower, then cool them into granules.

Compared with other fertilizer production equipment, our compound fertilizer tower granulator has the following advantages:
1. Nutrients of fertilizers produced by this equipment are distributed evenly, making them easier to be absorbed by crops.
2. This compound fertilizer granulating equipment can produce nitrogen-rich binary (NK or NP) compound fertilizer.
3. High yield with low waste of materials, saving power and coal.
4. Use melt urea heat energy, the moisture content of material is very low, don’t need drying process, greatly save energy consumption.
5. Products granule surface is smooth and mellow, have the high market competitiveness.
6. Yield big in unit time.
7. Good operating environment, no three wastes discharge, belongs to clean production process.

50,000-500,000t/y Ammoniation Fertilizer Granulation Equipment Sets

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