Description of the Ball Screw:
This RIT-S ball screw is a high-efficiency feed screw with the ball making a rolling motion between the screw axis and the nut.
Base on the unique patented technology, this ball screw adopts a 12m CNC thread grinder and 10m ball screw dynamic monitor in order to process and inspect its raceway.
And all of its technical parameters comply with the relevant national standards.

Features of the Ball Screw:
1.With a length of not less than 12m and a diameter of 250mm, our RIT-S ball screw is a super-long, high-precision and heavy-duty one, and it has reached international advanced level.
2.It can be clamped at one stroke, and there is no need to turn it around for splicing while this ball screw is ground.

Ball Screw

Ball Screw

3.Its precision reserve ranges from 10% to 20%.
4.Features of this RIT-S ball screw includes high efficiency, stylish structure, energy conservation, long service life, large loading capacity, high precision, small starting torque, easy maintenance, reliable performance, high sensitivity, easy lubricating, etc.

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