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30,000-500,000t/y Ammonification Granulation Equipment

Compound fertilizer materials, liquid ammonia from ammonia station, sulfuric acid sent by sulfuric acid pump and cleaning mixture are mixed in the granulation area of granulator to produce liquid ammonium sulfate with high temperature and low humidity. The resulting atomization steam can help granulation materials to grain and improve properties of granulation materials. Meanwhile, part of the liquid ammonia get further reaction with ammonium phosphate to participate in granulation. Granulation temperature is 60~75℃, and material moisture after granulating is about 2.5%. Inlet temperature of drying machine is 80 to 165℃ (flexible control based on the formula).

1. This granulation equipment can improve product quality and significantly reduce energy consumption.
2. Fertilizers produced by our ammonification granulation equipment appear shiny and mellow.
3. Our ammonification granulator can effectively solve the problem of low physical properties of urea-based compound fertilizers.
4. This equipment can greatly reduce production cost and increase profitability.
5. It can prevent fertilizers from caking.
6. This ammonification granulation equipment can produce a variety of compound fertilizers, including nitrogen-rich fertilizers, phosphorus-rich fertilizers, nitrogen-potassium compound fertilizers, etc.
7. This ammonification granulator generates little dust, which can ensure a good working environment.

50,000-500,000t/y Ammoniation Fertilizer Granulation Equipment Sets

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